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Waterproof flooring provides important benefits

If you love cooking food on the barbecue and entertaining guests during warm summer days, then you need a solid deck at that looks fabulous, will last for a long time, and is easy to keep clean and maintain. An ideal material for a deck is waterproof flooring, which is made from waste wood and recycled plastic, and offers many excellent advantages compared to natural wood. Bathrooms are also increasingly becoming popular spaces for waterproof flooring, and for good reason, especially when there are bathtubs or showers in the space.

4 key advantages of waterproof flooring

Aesthetically appealing: Depending upon whether you want something lighter or darker in a brown color, or perhaps a classy grey, you can acquire whatever look you want for via this material.

Small time investment needed for maintenance and cleaning: There is very little work required, on an annual basis, when it comes to maintaining and cleaning your waterproof flooring to keep it looking like new.

Mother nature proof: This material is virtually unaffected by snow, hail, sleet, and rain. It's named “waterproof” for a reason and it certainly lives up to its billing. It can also withstand the sun's powerful UV light, to hold onto its given color very well for many, many years.

Built for safety: You can rest assured that when the surface of waterproof flooring has some level of water on it, that surface won't become extra slick. Injuries in your home and on your property are always a concern, but you can minimize the odds of these unfortunate occurrences happening, by deploying this valuable material.
Waterproof flooring in Jupiter, FL from Barefoot Tile & Stone
Barefoot Tile and Stone is passionate about making home and properties family functional for lots of different activities, and waterproof flooring is one such way. We first diligently understand our client's project needs, and then help them select a product that provides an ideal solution, within their budget. Our showroom is conveniently based in Jupiter, Florida, and we are focused on successfully serving clients in close by markets including Jupiter, Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens, Juno and its surrounding areas, and Hobe Sound. We invite you to visit our showroom in person, or call us today to speak with our helpful and friendly team members about your upcoming project, and they will help to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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