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Advantages of ceramic and porcelain tile from barefoot tile & stone

Porcelain and ceramic tile offer a combination of convenience, versatility, and durability. The tile is available in hundreds of colors, shapes, and styles. Porcelain and ceramic tile can add an attractive touch throughout the home.

They are perfect for households with people who have allergies or pets. Clean, simple design is perfect for an ornate, classic style in the kitchen or bathroom setting.

Similarities and differences of porcelain and ceramic tile

Porcelain and ceramic tile are easy to clean. Debris can be wiped, vacuumed, or swept away. A PEI rating measures tile resistance to damage. Ratings range from one to five. One is least durable and five the most. Ceramic and porcelain tile with high PEI ratings withstand high traffic nearly the same.

Porcelain tile is capable of withstanding a little higher foot traffic because it is denser. The greater density is due to the formation of finer clays under higher pressure and temperatures. Porcelain tile can be used outdoors, because it is more moisture resistant.

Ceramic tile can be used only indoors. Depending upon the tile variety, porcelain tile is sometimes more expensive than ceramic.
Ceramic tile flooring in Juno Beach, FL from Barefoot Tile & Stone

Tile fits any décor

Porcelain and ceramic tile offer classic and modern styles that last. Permanent staining and singe marks are not a problem. Frequently, tile is thought to be a design choice for entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens.

They can be used in family rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. Finished basements and mudrooms are tiled to ensure the floor can withstand moisture exposure. Some tile is styled to look like wood.

The surface has subtle veining marks, and is available in attractive colors such as cherry, oak, and walnut. Cleaning tile is easy. The surface is wiped clean to keep it hygienic. Easy maintenance is a major benefit of tile. It creates long-lasting beauty wherever it is installed.

Whatever style you prefer can be found in the porcelain and ceramic tile we carry. It will enhance the décor and provide convenience and durability. Visit our Barefoot Tile & Stone showroom in Jupiter, FL.

Our discerning clientele from Tequesta, Jupiter, Juno, Palm Beach Gardens, and surrounding areas will attest that we provide guidance and technical support to DIYers. We can recommend award winning decorators and the best tile installers in the area.

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